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Membership Application

2024 Membership Application link (google form)

How to Join. Membership in BIANEW is open to all individuals involved in the building industry. Memberships are divided into three groups.

*Full Membership is limited to building inspectors or building officials directly employed by governmental units.

*Associate Memberships include additional inspectors in a municipality, inspectors contracted by a municipality, third party inspectors, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, or anyone not an inspector who desires input and could be and asset to our Association.

*Honorary Memberships are available for retired members who have been Full Members for over 10 years. However, are still required to fill out an application every year.


  1. $50.00 per year per municipality (1 inspector)
  2. $50.00 per year for Associate Members
  3. $0.00 per year for Honorary Members

Dues are payable on or before January 15th of each year.

2022 Membership List

2021 Membership List (as of 6-1-21)

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